1. What is GUZEL? It Is a subscription service for women consisting of Cosmetics, skin care, nail care, hair care and will occasionally include home, office and food/drink goodies.

2. How does GUZEL Work?:   We currently are offering our monthly box with 3 to 5 items rangind from sample to full sizes.

3. What’s Inside GUZEL?  Great Products! We have items from high end to low end. We wanted to create a box that offers some higher priced items with some being lower cost and easier to afford to re-buy if you fall in love. We have at least 1 full size items in each box, usually more! We also include cosmetic bags, reusable boxes and jewelry from time to time. 

4. How much does it cost?/Are there hidden fees?: No hidden fees! 

$14.99 for our regular monthly (us shipping is $2.99).

5. How does billing work?: When you sign up you will receive the current months box If you sign up before the 10th, The following month if its after. Your subscription will renew the 10th of each month. If we are sold out of the current box at sign up a Welcome Box will be sent out.

6. When is the monthly deadline?/When will I receive my first box?:  You will receive the current months box if ordered before the 10th. If ordered after the 10th it will ship with our following month boxes between the 1st and 6th.

7. Where and how do you ship?:  We ship from the US to the US only. We will be shipping internationally again in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

8. How can I cancel or change my subscription?: You can log in to your account anytime and change your options. We give the option to skip a month or cancel. Also if you need other changes you can email us at customersupport@guzelbox.com. You must cancel prior to your renewal. Any cancellations after will not be refunded.

9. Can I sign up for just one box?/How do gifts work?  We offer one-time purchase boxes in our shop. You can also choose the option to make the subscription a gift at checkout. 

10. How do I customize my box? When you sign up, you can fill out the survey so we know which items/products are best suited for you. We also have a “other” option for you to let us know more about you. You can also let us know if you want to receive just cruelty free items each month.

11. Do you except returns? Not at this time. All sales are final.

12. Do you offer promotions? Currently the only promotion we offer is a FREE full size item in your box on your Birthday!

13. Why does the card not have a price list? We send some of the same items to everyone, but we also vary a lot of them based on your profile and subscription. We may start adding some of the items prices to the cards in the future depending on whats in them. 

14. Why the packaging is different every month.  We wanted to do something different then the same old box each month. Depending on the items and the month we will vary from boxes to bags.